Understanding Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Women

Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Women | Dynamic Health Solutions

If you’re like most women, you might believe that testosterone is only important for men, but that’s a myth. Testosterone is produced by both the ovaries and adrenal gland, and it is one of several male sex hormones that women need to feel and function at their best.

Male sex hormones are vital for women’s reproductive health, bone density, and a healthy sex drive and contribute to the prevention of disease and support overall health. And as if menopause symptoms aren’t enough, women can also suffer from complications of low testosterone. Some women experience low libido, brain fog, and weaker bones. Chronic, low testosterone levels can affect a woman’s mood, even leading to depression.

What really happens when women replace their low testosterone?

So many women believe if they replace their deficit with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, they’ll be growing hair like a wilder beast, and their voice will suddenly drop to Morgan Freeman levels — and that’s simply not true.

Female bioidentical testosterone replacement is not man-sized dosages.

Women can have hidden disadvantages in the bedroom that can contribute to sexual dysfunction, and they aren’t always caused by aging. Uncomfortable vaginal dryness, medication side effects, chronic health conditions, career and family stress, financial concerns can all take their toll as we take it all on.

The reasons a woman may have low testosterone are most often aging, or an issue within the ovaries or adrenal glands. Like men, women’s testosterone levels diminish naturally with age, particularly after menopause, and with some of the same side effects that men experience, but without the sports car and hair plugs.

Testosterone is a hormone that does a lot for both men’s and women’s bodies. The body’s glands control how much testosterone is produced internally and when your body stops functioning at its best, it can over or under produce and leave you hormonally imbalanced.

So, with everything women have going on, how do you know if low testosterone levels are to blame? Women with low testosterone may have symptoms easily confused with perimenopause or menopause. Generally, low testosterone can cause fatigue, muscle weakness, poor sleep quality, weight gain, fertility issues, irregular periods, poor bone density, vaginal dryness, and a waning sex life.

What to expect with low testosterone therapy?

Because the imbalance in women is often undiagnosed and at a much higher rate than in men. This disparity deprives women of the regenerative benefits when living a life with balanced testosterone levels.

Women who have lost testosterone may also struggle with emotional symptoms including depression, brain fog, and difficulty motivating. What most women notice after beginning hormone treatment is an improvement in libido, and research proves that sexual function improves in women who balance their testosterone.

Testosterone therapy comes in many forms like creams, patches, gels, and pills and is low on the safety risk profile. Continuous monitoring of your fluctuating levels is important, as is discussing the pros and cons of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with your doctor. Low T therapy can save you money on healthcare dollars, avoiding the “try it all” approach to women’s concerns. The reality is that you don’t have to live with suboptimal health, and you may not have to live with some symptoms you think you simply have to accept.

Typical body functions can lead to the natural reduction of hormones like estrogen and testosterone over time. When a woman approaches menopause, some reduction in testosterone is normal. At the same time, some women may experience more marked reductions in testosterone when taking oral estrogen medications.

Even though women may naturally have less testosterone, these smaller amounts of the hormone are crucial in maintaining body functions. Balanced and sustained testosterone levels help women increase muscle mass, maintain weight, reduce fat storage, and reduce post-menopausal vaginal atrophy. Restoring testosterone levels in women supports cardiovascular health and the benefits of balance don’t end there. Testosterone has an integral role in optimal health and too little testosterone can directly contribute to a variety of health conditions, including osteoporosis, pelvic floor weakness, obesity, and even cancer.

Is testosterone therapy right for you?

The bioidentical hormone replacement doctors at Dynamic Health Solutions are in tune with women’s testosterone therapy and they know if bioidentical therapy might be appropriate for you.

If you are experiencing low sex drive or poor cognition and fatigue that estrogen replacement therapy hasn’t resolved, you may be a candidate for bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy, and the solution may be a click away. Schedule your free initial consultation with one of our board-certified physicians from the convenience of your home for a no-hassle, private hormonal analysis today.


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