Tips for Coping with Female Hormonal Imbalance

Tips for Coping with Female Hormonal Imbalance

Menopause isn’t as bad as you think — said no woman, ever. Countless advertisements tell us to drink water, buy cooling sheets, calm down, stop drinking alcohol, do yoga and it will pass. They try to convince us that this is a new adventure, that your life is just starting, and you’ll feel sexier and look better than ever.

Oh, ok. Well maybe for Jane Jetson or Jessica Rabbit, but no one we’ve ever met has those experiences. If you’re one of the millions of women that are sick of feeling like a dry, bloated, sweaty, emotional puddle of yourself. This one’s for you.

Real tips for real women in menopause

Your heart feels skippy, but you don’t

Many women can experience heart palpitations. In some women, these palpitations could signal a heart problem, but in others it’s due to hormonal fluctuations. You can feel anxious, your heart feels like it is skipping a beat, and to make matters worse, it often happens when you’re in the middle of a nightmarish hot flash.

If your heart palpitations last more than a few minutes, make you feel short of breath or cause you to feel faint, it could be a sign of something more serious, so check it out right away. But for most women, correcting hormonal imbalance can give big time relief to a bothersome problem. Make sure you find a board-certified expert in hormone balancing and stick with it. Monitoring is key to making sure you get things back in rhythm.

Your bad cholesterol is being bad

Estrogen keeps bad LDL cholesterol low and good HDL cholesterol high. When estrogen decreases during menopause, LDL tends to rise, and HDL stays the same. The bad news is that if you lead a healthy lifestyle, it might not be enough. Many women report “eating almost nothing” and that’s not what the brochure promised! Correcting the imbalance of estrogen and any thyroid issues can put the better, and the butter (in moderation) back in your life.

You just want to be alone

If you’ve always been a people person, you may be surprised when you suddenly feel like moving to a mountain cabin and penning your memoire.

“Menopause is an introspective period”, sounds good on paper. But what really happens to most of us is an emotional shift that could affect your social life. Things are changing fast, so don’t assume you’re depressed. Check out your body first.

We will repeat this one cheesy menopausal fact: women are more likely to make sure that everyone else gets what they need, so start prioritizing you, your balance, your body, and how you want to feel every day.

You’re dry as toast

As estrogen levels drop, so does oil production in your skin, causing excess dryness that can lead to a lack luster complexion, and sheet marks on your face that last all day long. Hydrating facial cream and water work. Your old skin care routine likely won’t. Your best bet is to get your hormones in balance if you want the bounce back in your skin. Topicals can only do so much. This one requires heavy lifting. Hormonal imbalance robs you of sleep and makes you look older and feel dryer. Oh, and guess what else? You also likely need to buy lube, and balance your hormones because vaginas have estrogen receptors, and as estrogen levels decline, not only does the vagina get drier but it also gets less able to expand and that can hurt.

You stink

Yeah, you do. The facts point to the mass exodus of estrogen during the menopausal years. When the hormones drop, a message gets mistakenly sent to the hypothalamus telling the body that it is suddenly in the Sahara, and you need to cool down fast by sweating often and profusely. Body odor comes along for the ride. Correcting the imbalance can not only stop the sweat, but the stink too.

You’ve got endless hot flashes

Lowering the thermostat and using sheets made of breathable, cooling materials can help for about a second and a half. If you can hang sides of beef in your living room and your family and friends bring parkas to your parties, it’s time to check out your hormonal imbalance. Thyroid imbalance during menopause is common, and when it’s off, so is your thermostat. The key Is to find the specialist that tests all your thyroid levels, not just a single test. The way your body uses your thyroid hormone is even more important than how much, or little of it you have. You need an expert who can test you accurately, follow you through menopause and make the adjustments when you need them.

Your hair is driving you crazy

Remember when you had a big, fat ponytail and could go days without washing your hair, and still feel like a hair model? Menopause takes a lot, and it takes a lot of our hair with it.

The good news is that thyroid and poor nutrition from starving off, oh, let’s take a wild guess, your menopause gut? can cause significant hair thinning. But it can all be reversable. If you’re losing hair, don’t give up. Get some real help with balance instead. Check your thyroid, your nutrition, your hormones, and find the best experts to do it, not a quick fix product.

We all love our GP, but you can spend thousands at your regular doctor with no results and Pantene can only do so much, so get better help. Getting your hair back takes dedication and work, but you can brush away most hair loss with bioidentical hormonal balance and nutrition.

You want sex — then you don’t

Well, you’re on the ride now. It’s a hormonal roller coaster and that means your sex drive is more unstable than a bipolar bunny. Hormonal shifts can lead to wild surges in estrogen, which means you may feel a lot more in the mood, or more like a serial killer in the making. The good news is that a board-certified bioidentical hormone physician can help you level out and start loving it again

Yes, you can feel better during menopause

A rite of passage doesn’t have to be a torture test. If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your mojo and just want to feel like yourself again, the experts in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women are waiting. Dynamic Health Solutions has the experience, and the expertise to get it right, keep it right, and right from the privacy of your own home. Call today to schedule your consultation and put yourself back in your better body now.


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