The Reality of Why You Can’t Sleep

The Reality of Why You Can’t Sleep

You assume it’s just part of life. You think maybe it’s because you’re older, or it is due to all the stress. You’ve bought every over-the-counter medication, purchased all the health apps, read all the self-help guides, and you’ve consumed a full paycheck’s worth of supplements. You bought the cooling pillows, white noise machines, and weighted blankets. You even try a glass of wine or a sleep supplement, and no luck.

Finally, you’re off to the doctor who prescribes an antidepressant because insomnia you’re experiencing must be as simple as fixing the stress. So you comply, and you still can’t sleep. To make matters worse, with the new medications, you are now also gaining more weight, and the night sweating is even worse. Insomnia is awful.

Too little, too much

For most adults, 7 to 9 hours of sleep is average. Many of us are sleepless during our work week and try to “catch up” on the days off by sleeping in or taking a nap. The reality is harsh but making up for lost sleep isn’t a thing. It’s a myth.

If you’re not getting enough sleep during the week, you’re just missing sleep, and not sleeping has never been suitable for anyone — ever. Sleep deprivation can lead to more infections, common virus immunity, hunger, less energy, and higher calorie consumption. In addition, being tired makes us moody, foggy, and prone to having accidents. But just sleeping more isn’t the answer. Too much sleep is just as damaging to health. Weight gain, poor health, fogginess, and depression are all associated with sleeping too much.

How you sleep affects everything.

One of the most important reasons to get your sleep right is because sleep regulates your hormones. So consistent, good-quality sleep is crucial for hormone balance. Nearly every hormone in the body is released in response to your sleep-wake cycle, or “Circadian rhythm.” So if you put off doing something about your poor sleep, it won’t take long before your body takes a hormonal nosedive, and that is true at any age, not just during menopause.

Many hormones control sleep, and an imbalance in any one of them can be what’s keeping you from dreamland, whether you are a man or a woman. Thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, vitamin D, cortisol, melatonin, insulin, leptin, and ghrelin are all hormones directly affected by sleep.

Melatonin tells your body when it is time to sleep, and cortisol tells your body to repair itself. Most growth and cellular repair hormones are produced during sleep and are vital to healing and preventing disease.

Progesterone imbalance can make you sleepy, and an overactive thyroid can keep you up all night long. Poor sleep can reduce the amount of ghrelin you produce, tricking your body into thinking you’re hungry when you’re really in need of some good sleep. When you don’t sleep enough, your cortisol levels are high in the morning, which can further disrupt the balance between estrogen and progesterone. It can cause your thyroid to become underactive and slow your metabolism.

Poor sleep disrupts testosterone production. Clinical studies have shown the effects of sleep loss on testosterone levels. For example, after monitoring just one week of sleeping 5 hours or less nightly, men studied experienced testosterone levels falling by 10-15%.

Sleep is vital for a healthy immune system. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation can increase your risk of contracting COVID-19 and other viruses because it lowers your immune system response. Making matters worse, Low blood levels of the hormone vitamin D is associated with sleeping less. Low vitamin D has been proven to increase your risk of developing a more severe form of COVID-19.

The bottom line is sleep is essential for hormones to function effectively, as many are dependent on the sleep-wake cycle. When you disturb your sleep, your hormones are not balanced, leading to sleep-related medical problems.

Better sleep is on the horizon!

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