Stop “Weighting” to Feel Better During Menopause

Stop “Weighting” to Feel Better During Menopause

Don’t believe the lies. Just making a run for it won’t help your weight gain. If you’re over 40 and feeling like the Michelin man, it’s time to arm yourself and to take quick action.

When you’re stuck in the middle with your menopausal body fat, the anxiety can run high, but you don’t feel like moving a muscle. You try everything, you’re eating practically nothing, and it feels like you’ve tried every weight loss program you can find, but nothing seems to work. You’ve got the dreaded menopause gut. The good news is you don’t have to resort to wearing tunics and stretch pants, there is a better way to handle the mid-section weight gain that comes with menopause.

What is real, is that the research numbers prove women who balance their hormones with bioidentical hormone therapy replacement to combat postmenopausal weight gain have significantly less mid-section fat than the women who don’t balance their hormones. The research has also found that when women stopped taking hormone therapy, their belly fat came back — and fast.

Why your fat is shifting

Estrogen imbalance can be the main culprit of menopausal weight gain. Obesity rates soar in American women after age 40, right around the onset of perimenopause, and that’s no coincidence, it is pure science. 65 percent of women ages 40 to 59 years old in the United States are now considered obese, and over 70 percent of women over the age of 60 are just too heavy to be healthy. When we gain the weight, it seems to go right to our gut, and that’s a dangerous kind of fat called visceral adipose tissue. Visceral adipose is the worst kind of fat because it can build up around some of your vital organs. Some studies show that visceral adipose fat can increase up to 10% in only a few months when you have estrogen loss.

Not many women today are surprised when their metabolism slows as they age, but it is worse for women with a significant untreated imbalance in hormone levels. Estrogen decline adds to reducing metabolic rates. Without hormonal balance, you need to consume about 50 less calories every day, which doesn’t seem like much, but it’s only about a half glass of your favorite wine. Over the course of a few weeks, the drop in metabolic rate can easily add up to a pound of fat. So, without balancing of hormones, women can gain a bunch of belly fat before they realize it.

If you’re working to be healthy during your whole life, the visceral fat needs to go. Not only is it associated with the development of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome, it can lead to overall poor health and an early death by promoting the kind of growth hormones that can lead to cancer.

Get some help with all your hormones

No one with unbalanced hormones feels like running a marathon, you’re not just getting lazy. Science tells us that the will to want to exercise works that way. In research studies, when ovaries were removed in mice, within a week their activity levels dropped by up to 70 percent. When the mice were given estrogen again, they were back on their game in no time. The numbers are different in humans and the research is still a little new, but all signs point to proof that when estrogen levels drop, there’s a physical reason women become more sedentary.

You also need to start sleeping again

Declining estrogen levels may also increase abdominal weight gain through sleep deprivation. Dropping hormone levels in the perimenopausal and menopausal years can cause a constellation of awful symptoms, like endless hot flashes, mood swings, brain fog and severe night sweats— and who can sleep through that?

Inadequate sleep increases levels of the hormone cortisol and that can make you store fat around your middle. Also, not getting enough sleep can make you feel hungrier, because when we are tired, we tend to have cravings for all the junk we know we shouldn’t be eating.

Not sure how to start?

Nutrition, diet, hormones, and activity are all very personal, and you need an expert to balance it all. The concierge board certified physicians at Dynamic Health Solutions know what to do, and what to do for you. It is your body, your nutrition, your hormones, there’s no general solution for all, and the right help can make a big difference in how you feel, function, and look. You really can feel and look great for your whole life, and you can start today. Make your appointment for your bioidentical hormone replacement consultation right now, and stop waiting to get the weight off.


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