Our Process


The customer experience at our company is based on three principles: convenience, informative consultation, and safety. You can interact with the DHS via telehealth video conferencing, wherever convenient and comfortable for you. We won’t be satisfied until we have answered all your questions and are sure that you are satisfied with the next step in your treatment. We offer you access to our nursing staff and board-certified physicians whenever you need them to ensure your safety. Here’s how it works.


Request an Appointment
Done conveniently and easily on our website.


Initial Consult with Wellness Coach
A free detailed telehealth conference with your dedicated wellness coach to gain an understanding of your goals. Your appropriate lab panels are determined and ordered.


Lab Screening
Done at one of our nearby testing facilities at your convenience. Results are sent directly to the DHS team for review. Your wellness coach will summarize and review your results with you.


Follow-up Consult with Wellness Coach and Board Certified Physician
After a thorough assessment of your labs, our registered nurses and board-certified physicians design a customized bioidentical program. We walk you through the plan and answer all of your questions.


Medications ordered and shipped
Your customer care team submits your order to our compounding pharmacy and your bioidentical treatments are created and shipped directly to your home.


Treatment Begins
Typical program regiments last for 10-12 weeks and can be renewed at your convenience and need. Your dedicated team is available along the way to assist you and answer any questions you have.


Medical interactions can be complicated for the most part. We’re different.


Today, there are thousands of options for hormone therapies, but they’re not all safe.

Throughout the entire program, our board-certified physicians ensure your health and safety.

Highly Consultive

We are focused on your level of comfort and understanding of every part of your program.

You can always contact your dedicated team whenever you have questions or concerns.

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