Here’s Why Nutritional Therapy is Worth It 


Mineral and vitamin deficiencies can present with a variety of non-specific symptoms, and most people aren’t aware they’re deficient. Today, it’s not hard to understand why. We’re tired of feeling tired and not performing at our best. Our bodies are under-exercised, overfed, and even worse, undernourished. However, even though we work hard to eat a healthy diet, it’s a fact that over 90% of our population is malnourished.

For years, physicians have advised patients on the relationship between diet and conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Now, researchers have discovered that middle aged men with chronically unhealthy diets also have lower testosterone levels.

Traditionally, testosterone levels in your body are increased through injections, implants, and gels, but what if you could do more to boost your testosterone levels? Nutritional supplements make your body perform at its peak and are a great addition to hormone therapy treatments for boosting testosterone quickly.

When you’re ready to put the power of supplemental nutrition back into your body, here’s how Dynamic Health Solutions medical staff can help.

Supplements for Low T

Sexual dysfunction may be embarrassing to discuss with your physician, but it is much more common than you think. More than 43% of women and a third of men are affected by an imbalance that causes unwanted physical or emotional symptoms at some time in their life. Dynamic Health Solutions’ board-certified physicians, nutritionists and Registered Nurses are experts in balancing hormone levels for optimum performance. The DHS staff is available by convenient, discreet telemedicine visits that get you the results you want while protecting your privacy. A healthy level of libido is part of your overall well-being. If you feel like your testosterone may need a boost, then it is time to schedule your consultation with Dynamic Health Solutions today and get your testosterone back on track.

In addition to aging, chronic disease, and depression, poor nutrition can also cause men to suffer from sexual dysfunction or a low libido. DHS’s comprehensive diagnostic tests and convenient medical consultations monitor vital nutrient levels in your blood to support optimal health. Your customized plan may include supplements as well as essential intravenous nutrition to restore nutrition deficits, function, and performance.

Vitamin D

The wellbeing of male sexual function depends on vitamin D. In research studies, higher levels of vitamin D are connected to better erectile function. Supplementation with IV nutrition therapy from Dynamic Health Solutions can increase deficient vitamin D levels and support immune health, bone strength, hair growth and more.


Turmeric and ginger supplementation significantly increases testosterone levels compared to control groups. Zinc helps arouse and maintain erections. The sense of smell is actually related to libido, especially for young men. In light of the fact that zinc deficiency can adversely affect smell, this implies zinc deficiency may also reduce libido. Supplementing with Zinc is a beneficial addition to sexual wellness support.

Weight loss supplements

Most men know that nutrition matters but what many don’t realize is that weight loss can boost testosterone levels. In one study, more than 30 percent of the men who took part in a weight loss group involving men with erectile dysfunction regained normal sexual function. As a bonus, men who lose weight may experience increased self-esteem and improved mental health. If you’re overweight, taking off the excess pounds is one of the best things you can do if you have erectile dysfunction. As part of your weight loss program, your DHS physician will design a program that may include nutritional supplements, peptides, and bioidentical hormones. With a personalized medical consultation in the comfort of your home or office, DHS’s medical team will examine your goals, your comfort level, and your specific physical needs to create a custom program that’s right for you.

Explore optimum wellness now!

With Dynamic Health Solutions, you can finally achieve your health and wellness goals. There are no strict diets, but there are solutions. Your private medical staff at DHS will guide and teach you all the necessary tricks and tips that can help you reform your diet and stay healthier, longer. Being fit doesn’t have to be a chore. Your optimal performance is within your reach, and Dynamic Health Solutions will give you all the tools to help you adjust your diet and lifestyle so that you can finally reach those goals. Don’t give up on optimum health! Schedule your consultation now to learn more about supplemental nutritional support.


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