Men and Their Meat

Men and Their Meat Dynamic Health Solutions

You’re eating, or at least drinking your vegetables, you’re avoiding fried and fatty foods, you cut down on alcohol, plus, you’re downing the supplements and protein powder galore, but you still feel fat and tired?

Maybe you need a big, mega-steak. More protein, and the manly kind, none of that tofu or meat-substitute stuff. Iron, steak, fire, protein. Real men need meat. It’s the building block of the ultra-buff, the fittest of the fit, the manliest of men. Sorry fellas, it’s just not true, and in fact, your meat could be hurting you.

The old-fashioned attitude about men and meat has been around since the invention of fire. Masculinity and the BBQ grill are uniquely related, and why not? What man doesn’t like a nice, fat, juicy steak? (No offense vegans). But it’s true. Many of us still equate eating a lot of meat with being a man.

The truth is that men’s obsession with all that meat can make them ill. Higher iron consumption, especially in men, has been linked to an alarming list of health concerns including cancer and kidney issues, heart disease, diabetes, and just being too fat and unfit.

The studies tell us American men in their prime of life consume well over 110 grams of protein every day, much of it from meat, and that’s double the amount nutritional guidelines currently recommend for men. Women in the same age group are doing it wrong as well, with an average of 75 grams of protein daily, which is far more than they really need, and Keto diets can easily add to that meat count.

But too much meat and iron can be more dangerous for men than for women. Double the meat. Double the trouble for your health.

Let’s talk about pumping iron and nutrition

Many of us today are compassionate carnivores and we still enjoy our steak and potatoes. No one wants to completely give up your favorite meal if you truly are a meat lover. But you don’t need to give up meat to be healthy, you just need to know your nutritional numbers.

Men store iron differently than women do, which is one reason why you don’t hear about anemia as much in men as in women. Some men may also have even higher iron levels because of genetics. Hemochromatosis is a hereditary condition that causes your body to absorb more iron than it should and can cause heart problems, liver disease, and kidney disease. Men with hemochromatosis are more likely to be diagnosed with the side effects of too high iron levels than women, and men also tend to develop symptoms from the excess iron when they are younger. Some men never have symptoms of high iron levels but if you are experiencing joint pain, abdominal pain, fatigue, or weakness it may be time to have your nutritional levels tested.

Better nutrition isn’t what you think

If too much iron can damage internal organs and increase the risk of diabetes, how much iron and protein do men need to have just the right balance? How do you know how much is too much meat? You need to get tested and get balanced.

We’re not talking about giving up your favorite Sunday cook-out. We’re talking nutrition and the right solutions to have the best body, for the rest of your life. The professionals at Dynamic Health Solutions know that fitness and nutrition play a vital role in your health and well-being. Their board-certified concierge physicians work with you one on one, remotely in the convenience of your space. They know what to do to accurately test, identify and correct your true nutritional and hormonal deficiencies, to get your body running like the machine you want it to be. Schedule a consultation, find out what your real numbers are, and get real about nutrition, because your meat matters.


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