Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration East Bridgewater, MA. A Thick, healthy-looking hair is a sign of youth and vitality, and a full head of hair makes you feel sexy, confident, and on top of your game, so it’s understandable that when you notice the first signs of hair loss, the feeling can be devastating.
When most people discover they are losing more hair than usual, they try the commonly available hair growth products as the first line of defense, most often with little success. People make adjustments to their hairstyle and lifestyle, hoping things will improve, but they don’t. Now you don’t have to watch your crowning glory go down the drain!


Research suggests that over 50% of men over the age of 50 will experience some form of hair loss, and a significant portion of women will suffer significant balding during their lifetime. Hair loss tends to be more common after middle age, although many people, particularly men, can experience the early signs of hair loss as early as their mid-20s.
But what really causes hair loss? Genetics and aging are the number one contributing factor for most balding, and you can thank your parents for that. Changing hormones are a very common cause of hair loss in adults. Thyroid conditions, estrogen changes, insulin levels, declining testosterone, DHT, even nutritional deficiencies like vitamins D and E can contribute to excessive hair fallout. Prescription medications, declining blood levels of important hormones, poor diet, and stress can all cause thinning hair.
Whatever the reason for your hair loss, Dynamic Health Solutions offers programs to help you restore, renew and regrow your hair.

Hair regrowth program results depend on your body’s response to the particular treatment. Results are usually apparent within a few weeks, but programs take slightly longer to see a positive effect for others. Hair and scalp health and nutrition are essential in an effective hair restoration program. The experts at DHS offer nutritional testing, supplementation, and advice to maximize your hair renewal goals.

Dynamic Health Solutions offer nutritional testing, supplementation, and advice to maximize your hair renewal goals.

Oral prescription medications like Finasteride are easy options for most people and are a mess-free simple solution for effective hair growth. In fact, as many as 83% of Finasteride users stopped losing hair, and 65% reported signs of hair regrowth when using these medications. But for those looking for a topical solution, prescription-strength Latanoprost/Finasteride foam has been shown to effectively stop hair loss and promote hair regrowth in male pattern baldness, and with fewer reported side effects than oral Finasteride. Whatever option you choose, DHS tailors your hair loss program to address your individual hair loss concerns.

Hair restoration includes treatments that halt or reverse hair loss, effectively regrow hair, and improve the appearance of fullness on the scalp.

Dynamic Health Solutions offers leading-edge non-surgical hair loss therapies to suit every hair regrowth goal and comfort level if you’re struggling with hair loss and are looking for programs that work.

Dynamic Health Solutions offers several program options for restoring your natural hair including

Dynamic Health Solutions offers comprehensive hair loss programs to restore, renew, and regrow your hair like never before. Their professional staff works with you and the root of your hair loss to find the ideal hair regrowth solution designed just for you.



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