Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones play a vital role in our daily functioning. Everything from your metabolism to the health of your skin is impacted by the balance of hormones in your body, so it’s understandable that hormone imbalances can make daily functioning difficult. At Dynamic Health Solutions, we help you implement a hormone therapy program designed to help optimize your lifestyle.


Hormone changes produce physical symptoms for both sexes and both sexes need testosterone and estrogen to feel their healthiest. It helps to slow bone loss in both genders. Progesterone is another “female” hormone that is actually a moderator for testosterone, meaning your body can’t make the male sex hormones without it. When our hormones are not in harmony, the body struggles with medical issues and the risk of major illness and disease is increased. Feeling out of balance makes life more difficult and less enjoyable and it happens to both sexes. The term “male menopause” has its basis in truth. Men also experience symptoms associated with a drop in sex hormones, a condition called andropause that can be similar to what women experience during menopause.

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

While both men and women tend to have similar physical and mental symptoms when hormones are out of balance, because of anatomy, they have different names. As women, we are aware of our hormones. Women’s “change of life” is immortalized in print and prose. But male hormonal imbalance can go undiagnosed for years. The symptoms of andropause include diminished energy, insomnia, loss of muscle mass, weight gain, depression, irritability, brain fog, and indecision.

Stronger erections in men
Increased libido in Women
Improves energy
Reduces fatigue
Improves moods
Increases lean muscle mass
Decreases heart disease risk
Increases cellular oxygen
Reduces night sweats
Improves total cholesterol and LDL
Decreases insulin resistance
Improves cognition
Decreases abdominal fat
Improves sleep
Increases stamina
Improves metabolic numbers

Your Dynamic Health Solutions journey begins with a FREE consultation by DHS’s trained staff to learn more about you and to discuss your preferred hormone replacement options. DHS’s highly qualified registered nurses and board-certified physicians will address your concerns and look for any lifestyle conditions that could have an impact on your hormone levels and health. Medical conditions can easily disrupt your body’s balance and your DHS consultant will tailor your plan just for you. Your goals for treatment are crucial to the success of your program. You can trust the experts at DHS to create a successful, personalized program plan tailored just for you.


Hormone problems usually do not have a single cause. Multiple factors influence how our bodies produce hormones. Age is the natural and correct answer but that’s not the rest of the story.

Lifestyle choices that influence hormone levels

Poor Diet

Eating a diet that is high in processed foods drastically affects hormone levels. Saturated fats, high sugar, hormone-laden meats, and artificial ingredients all affect hormones including estrogen, insulin, vitamin D, progesterone, DHEA, and testosterone.

Lazy Lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle exacerbates health issues and not getting enough exercise won’t help your hormone levels. Period. Get off the couch and to the gym for better hormones.

Stress levels

Everyday stressors can affect hormone levels drastically. Work to eliminate as much stress from your daily life to help your body sleep well and recover from the work of the day.

Environmental toxins

Living in heavily populated cities with human-produced pollution can affect your hormones and create other various health concerns. Pesticides can also influence hormones, so it’s best to minimize your exposure.

Because we now know more about the function of hormones and hormone replacement therapy, it is possible to manage many of the negative side-effects often associated with age-related hormone decline.



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