Are You Missing Out Because of a Myth?


The changes that come with aging can be worse than the endless bad jokes about it. Fat gut, beer body, dad bod, or whatever you want to call it, there’s an internet of memes out there. The fatigue, muscle loss, night sweats, drab sex life, and too little or too much hair where it shouldn’t be, is really no laughing matter.

Too many men simply accept not feeling as good as they used to, because it’s part of the deal, it’s “getting old”, it’s not. That’s a myth, and there are plenty more that could be keeping you from experiencing the better you of today.

Modern bioidentical hormone therapy isn’t what many people still believe it is, but they hang on to those misconceptions tighter than their worn-out concert t-shirt collections. That kind of thinking can keep you from feeling and looking your best — right now, no matter what your biological number is. Here are some of the biggest myths about treatment with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Finally, you’re off to the doctor who prescribes an antidepressant because insomnia you’re experiencing must be as simple as fixing the stress. So you comply, and you still can’t sleep. To make matters worse, with the new medications, you are now also gaining more weight, and the night sweating is even worse. Insomnia is awful.

Hormone replacement therapy changes your personality

A common fallacy about bioidentical hormone therapy is that you’ll turn into a steroid raging hulk. Not true. Properly managed bioidentical hormone therapy is regulated, just like the pharmaceutical industry, and it is tested for safety just as rigorously as prescription medications. Today’s bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is different from the synthetic steroids of the past. BHRT works better, because your body recognizes it as the same hormones your body already produces, and it is safer, with far less side effects than the synthetic hormones of days gone by.

You’ll get cancer from bioidentical hormone replacement treatments

Unbalanced hormone treatment can be complex for people who already have certain cancers, but studies prove that bio-identical therapy does not cause cancer. In fact, for healthy adults, treating declining hormone levels can reduce the risk of cancer by keeping your body in a more natural, youthful state of balance, and can even be protective for your heart.

You’ll get blood clots

Customized treatments today don’t pose a risk of blood clots to most people because individual hormone levels are checked and balanced for each person. Too much or too little of anything isn’t a good thing, we all know that. The myth of blood clots comes from a “one size fits all” mentality of hormone therapy. With individualized treatment from board-certified physicians, hormone therapy does not increase your risk of blood clots and can protect your bones and muscles, while relieving symptoms of imbalance. The key to success with hormone therapy is to work with a specialist that regularly checks and adjusts your hormones to keep levels consistent with what they were when you were in your best shape, not just supersized hormone doses that go over the top.

Hormones are only for women in menopause

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Bioidentical hormone therapy works great for men and women alike. It can address common symptoms of declining hormones and correct the biological changes by mimicking the hormones your body used to produce. It’s you, being you again —get it?

Men who struggle with low testosterone can have symptoms like fatigue, weight gain and sex drive problems. BHRT in men can help restore natural testosterone levels for a better feeling body and mind.

Your GP might tell you that a little extra spare tire or less interest in sex is just normal for your age, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Just lose weight, eat better, and develop good, healthy habits. Of course, nutrition is important, that’s 100% true, but you truly can have more vigor and energy for all your life with proper hormone therapy, and that includes an admirable waistline and muscle definition.

Bio-identical hormones are snake oil

Nope. Don’t believe that synthetic is “stronger and better”. While synthetic hormones can work for some people, bio-identical hormones are a more natural alternative to chemically created treatments. They work by mimicking the body’s natural hormone production, and that’s not snake oil, it’s science.

How to really move forward

At Dynamic Health Solutions, hormone balancing takes place in a private, concierge, one-on-one patient centric approach. Every treatment is customized specifically to address the client’s personal needs. We work remotely to resolve your individual concerns to help you reach your goals. Our team of hormone experts offer a variety of effective treatments that work, so your body can work better too. Our doctors know hormone balancing, it’s what we do, and we can answer any questions you might have during your private consultation. Why let a myth take away your mojo? Call today and schedule your appointment. We’re ready to


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